Grow Customers through Influencers
Connect with influential streamers for branded content
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Authentic Content
Gen Z and millenials value authenticity when making purchasing decisions; livestreamers are the most engaged influencers, and the perfect voice for your brand.
Influencer Discovery
Discover new influencers on PowerSpike and invite them to join your campaign.
Built for Live
PowerSpike was built specifically for livestreaming; giving you access to the most powerful toolset for live content on the market.
Create Your Campaign
Let influencers know more about your brand and what you'd like them to do for you. Influencer content starts at just $30.
Receive Proposals
Once your campaign is live on the marketplace, streamers will send you sponsorship proposals indicating their price and the kind of content they'd like to create for you.
Hire Influencers
Once you've found a streamer who is a good fit, you can easily hire them in seconds. Proposals include content examples, past streams, and analytics on the streamer to ensure you hire the right influencer for your brand.
Drive Results
Once you've hired the streamer, they will create sponsored content live on stream, driving awareness, engagement, and brand loyalty.

Grow customers through influencers
Connect with influential streamers for branded content.