All-In-One Influencer Marketing Solutions for Twitch
Grow customers through Twitch influencers
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Find the Perfect Influencer
Utilize powerful discovery tools and on-platform analytics to find the perfect advocate for your brand.
Manage Existing Streamers
From discovering, to connecting, to managing, and measuring, PowerSpike is an all-in-one solution for working with new and existing influencers on Twitch.
Save Time & Resources
Stop wasting time reaching out to influencers. PowerSpike streamlines Influencer Marketing to take seconds rather than days.
Discover Influencers
PowerSpike utilizes millions of touch points to help you find the perfect influencer to match your KPI's. You can create an RFP to receive proposals, or reach out directly to desired influencers on PowerSpike.
Receive Proposals
Easily connect with over 500+ streamers on PowerSpike to receive new proposals, or negotiate terms.
Manage Content
Managing influencers at scale has never been easier. Deploy on platform communication tools to receive updates on completed content, and easily notify streamers of any changes to your campaign.
Measure ROI
Harness machine learning to measure audience interests, viewer sentiment, fan engagement, and channel analytics with the most powerful toolset built for Twitch.

Grow customers through influencers
Connect with influential streamers for branded content.